Transplant Costs


The cost of a transplant, including preliminary testing, the surgery itself and post-operative recovery costs vary across the country and depend on the hospital and organ type. These costs start to add up, even before your transplant. Therefore, patients commonly rely on several sources to help pay for their medical and non-medical costs of pre- and post-transplantation.

Medical Costs

Medical costs include:

insurance deductibles
insurance co-pays
pre-transplant evaluation and testing
fees for the recovery of the organ from the donor
follow-up care and testing
additional hospital stays for complications
fees for surgeons, physicians, radiologist, anesthesiologist and recurrent lab testing
anti-rejection and other drugs, which can easily exceed $2,500 per month

Non-Medical Costs

Non-medical costs include:

food, lodging and long distance phone calls for you and your family
transportation, to and from your transplant center, before and after your transplant
plane travel to get to your transplant hospital quickly
child care
lost wages if your employer does not pay for the time you or a family member spends away from work
If your transplant center is not close to your home, lodging close to the center before and after your surgery. Some centers offer free or low-cost hospitality houses for you and your family
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